About Me

This is my place to write about all things drinks and drinking. My name is Jason O’Bryan, and I’m a San Diego based writer and bartender. This is my reflections/education blog, and where I post experiments, spirit reviews, tasty cocktails of any origin, and anything else that falls within the admittedly capacious topic of drinks and/or drinking.

In January of 2010, I left a newspaper job in Boston to come to San Diego in the hope of finding a craft cocktail bar at which to work and plenty more at which to drink, and as much as anything, this blog will feature the subjects and products of that desire.


For many, the field of craft cocktails is made impenetrable by either a false ceiling of ignorance from the bottom, or a disapproving scoff of pretension from the top. I’ve tried to avoid these at all costs by following a small set of personal rules:

1. Life is too short to drink bad liquor.

2. What’s in a glass can be as engaging and complex as what’s on a plate.

3. Waxed mustaches, secret doors, and overwrought mystique are requisite for neither the creation nor enjoyment of a well-made drink.

4. Those who display curiosity will always be rewarded with either answer or experiment.

5. Vodka is a flavorless canvas without character or distinction. It is the tofu of drinks.

5a. Some people like tofu, and that’s fine.

6. The primary goal of knowledge is to better one’s own experience, which is to say, learning more about spirits and cocktails helps one drink better, which is one of the main forces in the service of living better.

My goal is to live up to these, and hopefully be entertaining in the process.


19 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am tired of thinking that you writes on your blog, deep thinking, new ideas… and many more.. after all it makes me happy… thanks man

  2. Just wanted you to know that my wife and I love this blog. You are a wonderful writer and very, very funny.

    We discovered “craft cocktails” somewhat late in life while visiting Charleston several years ago.

    It is unfortunate that we were not exposed to properly made drinks while we were young.

    (It is possible our livers feel differently….)

    We still enjoy our wine but good cocktails have really made the last couple of years far more interesting.

    Better late then never!

    • I very much appreciate that, Dave. Thank you so much for reaching out. And yes indeed, better late than never. It’s occasionally horrifying to wonder about the long term effects of falling in love with great drinks so early in life, but I’m comforted in the knowledge that bad drinks never stopped anyone from drinking.

      Glad to help. Cheers.

  3. I really enjoy your posts! I received whisky stones and felt they were a fad. Did nothing for me. Once in the freezer, the “nose” knows! Not in my whiskey, thank you! Thick glass or bigger ice works!

    • Thank you Kim! Yes, Whiskey Stones are one of those Emperors New Clothes things that I’ll bet no one on earth has actually enjoyed, and yet is so hard to kill… Damn devil whiskey, and it’s irrepressible mystique…

  4. I live in Australia. This morning I randomly googled best vermouth and stumbled on your blog. I was searching for two types (for negroni and martinis). What a morning I’ve had! Reminds me of my many years bar tending testing new cocktails out on the staff and regulars. It’s been a while I’ve been out of the game but my love for quality drinks will never die. If you get the chance, you should try some Four Pillars gin. A local distillery for me here. Thanks for great blog and info. I’ll now be googling where to buy Dolin and Cocchi in Melbourne. My day just gets better!

  5. I feel the same way about vodka. Never could figure out why anyone drank it. Vodka martini? Why? You just love the flavour of vermouth sooo much?

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