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Blogs I Like

Camper English never stops creating amazing content.

Art of the Drink
Darcy O’Neil applies some serious science and talks a lot about soda fountains and liquid acid.

Bourbon Truth
Essential, anonymous sniper calling the bourbon industry on its bullshit.

Cocktail Chronicles
Booze superwriter Paul Clarke, who doesn’t write much anymore but the archives are great.

Cocktail Virgin/Slut
These Boston guys have created probably the single largest/best collection of original cocktails on the web.

Cooking Issues
He doesn’t update much anymore now that he has a book, but Dave Arnold is the single best cocktail science guy in the business.

David Wondrich @ Esquire
I don’t agree with all these recipes, but when you want to know the history, you ask David Wondrich.

Drinks @ Serious Eats
Serious Eats has slowly become my go-to place for most everything.

Jeffrey Morgenthaler
A place where we find out what everyone will be doing 6 months from now.

Ministry of Rum
Where I go when I need rum-based answers.

A rogue sommelier pairing pizza with wine and cat photos, and on whom I have an irrepressible crush.

Savoy Stomp
Another bartender who writes well. There are dozens of us. DOZENS!

Spirits Journal @ K&L Wines
Some of my favorite, most informed, least pretentious booze writing out there.

Whisky Science
When they say science, they mean science. Serious nerd stuff.

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